Terms of service

Welcome to appCruit™!

We are an online platform that connects businesses with qualified staff on a temporary basis as well as being a recruitment platform for permanent positions.

By creating an appCruit™ account or using the appCruit™ services you agree to these terms of service.

Welcome to appCruit™

These terms of service covers your use and access to our mobile application (appCruit™) and webapp (www.appcruit.com). Including specifications, documentations manuals and accessories related to appCruit™. By using the appCruit™ mobile app or web app you agree to bound by these terms of service as well as the privacy policy.

If you are using appCruit™ for an organisation (private or public) you hereby warrant that you have the authority to represent and agree to these terms of service.

appCruit™ reserves the right from time to time with or without notice to change these terms of service at its sole discretion, the latest version will appear on the mobile application or web application with the date that it was last updated.

appCruit™ is a part of Restaurangsupport i Skandinavien AB - 559134-1309

1. Definitions

2. User accounts

2.1 Clients are required to create an account in order to use the appCruit™ services.

By joining the client confirms that it is legally capable of entering into binding contracts.

If a client has any reason to believe that the account is being used by someone else contact appCruit™ immediately on help@appcruit.com

2.2 Consultant accounts are associated with individuals. All consultants are responsible for their accounts, including making sure that all details are correct and updated and ensuring that the password is secure. All users are at anytime free to delete or modify their profile or job description at any time. This right does not eliminate the consultants obligations

under an ongoing or future assignment. The consultant is an employee of appCruit™ and has to adhere to the appCruit™ employment contract that is signed in the recruitment process.

2.3 appCruit™ may at the absolute discretion refuse to register any person or entity as a User.

2.4 appCruit™ is entitled to at its sole discretion and without notice terminate the appCruit™ app and web app, the agreement or suspend or terminate your account at any time for any reason.

2.5 If you have any problems creating an account, logging in to your account please contact us on help@appcruit.com

3. Our Services

3.1 appCruit™ reserves the right to modify or withdraw, temporarily or permanently the appCruit™ mobile app and web app at any time to the extent permitted by the applicable legislation without informing the user. appCruit™ do not guarantee that the service or any content will always be available or be interrupted. The quality of service may be interrupted by a number of factors such as poor network connection, other interference or maintenance. If a disruption in the appCruit™ services occur due to repairs, updates or other reasons beyond our control (force majeure) appCruit™ is not liable for any damages resulting from such interruptions, disturbances or disruptions. appCruit™ will seek to repair the problems as soon as possible.

3.2 The legal rights (including the intellectual property) in the appCruit™ service and the content on it is owned by appCruit™ or licensed to us by third parties. Our services and its content is protected by copyright laws and database rights. You may not use our trade marks, logos or other intellectual property without our prior written approval.

3.3 Our services may include links to other websites, applications or other web properties. These links are provided for your convenience for further information. We have no control over, or responsibility for the content of the linked websites, applications or other web properties

3.4 Your access to appCruit™ may temporarily be restricted due to repairs, maintenance or updates of the appCruit™ service. Our goal is to restore the services as soon as we reasonably can.

3.5 appCruit™ does not guarantee that the service or any content on it will be free from errors.

4. User Licence

4.1 appCruit™ allow clients to post descriptions of assignments, these assignments may include information such as text information, pictures and other information needed to describe the assignment.

4.2 You hereby grant us an unrestricted and royalty-free use to in app/ web app published information in order to develop the appCruit™ services, for marketing and for other improvements that appCruit™ see suitable. This does not affect your rights nor our obligations under the appCruit™ privacy policy.

4.3 You are responsible for your content and the consequences of posting or publishing it. appCruit™ does not endorse any content, opinions or advices expressed. You also acknowledge that appCruit™ have no liability in connection with the content. appCruit™ cannot guarantee and will not be liable for any unauthorized copying, distribution or use of your content.

4.4 By uploading content in the appCruit™ services you guarantee that you are the creator and owner of the content or authorized to use the content. You also guarantee that the content is correct and complete in all aspects.

5. appCruit™services use

5.1 You will agree to not

5.1.1 Impersonate any other person, conduct yourself in an offensive or abusive manner or use the appCruit™ services in an unlawful manner.

5.1.2 Fail to deliver the payment for the appCruit™ service acquired by you

5.1.3 Advertise or offer to sell any goods or services for any other commercial purpose then relevant for the appCruit™ services.

5.1.4 Use the appCruit™ services to solicit for any other business or service, or contact appCruit™ approved employees for employment outside of the appCruit™ app or web app.

5.1.5 Post the same assignment repeatedly

5.1.6 Use private networks, false email addresses or by any other means to cover you true identity

5.1.7 Attempt to access the accounts of other users, spreading viruses, malware, spywares ot any other malicious code that is intended to damage, interrupt och limit the functionality and services of appCruit™.

5.1.8 Abuse or manipulate the rating and review system on any appCruit™ services.

5.1.9 Upload, share or submit content that is or may be interpreted as obscene, indecent, sexually explicit, false,discriminating, hateful, inaccurate, misleading or in breach of discriminations legislation.

5.1.10 Upload, share or submit any content that infringes and proprietary rights of any third party.

5.1.11 Upload, share or submit any content that is false, misleading, deceitful, false, inaccurate or related to a bait and switch offer.

5.1.12 Do anything that can bring the appCruit™ services in disrepute or in any way damage the reputation of the appCruit™ services.

5.2 appCruit™ may suspend, restrict or terminate your account and/ or your access to the appCruit™ services if we believe that you have breached the terms of service. This does not limit our right to take any other actions against you that we consider appropriate to protect our rights.

6. Payments

6.1 Clients agree to pay to appCruit™

6.1.1 The agreed subscription level

6.1.2 The total amount payable in respect to any appCruit™ engagement.

6.1.3 The service fees and fees for using the service in accordance with the calculated confirmation

6.1.4 VAT and other applicable fees

6.1.5 appCruit™ is using Klarna as the payment provider for the platform

7. Engagement

7.1 In respect of each engagement appCruit™ employees will be engaged by an appCruit™ contract. appCruit™ Staff act for and work under the control and guidance of the client during the fulltime of each engagement. appCruit™ is not responsible for the actions, omissions, negligence or misconduct of appCruit™ staff or clients.

7.2 When posting an assignment in any of the appCruit™ services the client will provide appCruit™ with details of

7.2.1 The date on which the client requires the appCruit™ staff to commence work and the duration, or likely duration of the work.

7.2.2 The position which the client is seeking to fill, including the type of work the appCruit™ staff will be carrying out as well as the hours during which the appCruit™ staff is going to work.

7.2.3 The hourly rate at which the appCruit™ staff is going to be paid

7.2.4 The experience, training, qualifications and skills as well as other information reasonably required for the appCruit™ staff to successfully fulfill the engagement.

7.2.5 Any additional expenses payable by the appCruit™ staff

7.3 The client agrees to pay the hourly rate that has been agreed on in the appCruit™ app / web app. The client agrees to pay not less then for the category suggested hourly pay. This is regulated by the Swedish hotel and restaurant union. https://www.hrf.net/lon-och-villkor/din-lon/

7.4 At the time when appCruit™ staff applies for a job or an engagement, the client shall have access to the following information.

7.4.1 The identity of the appCruit™ staff

7.4.2 appCruit™ staff experience, training, qualifications and other information that might be necessary for the engagement.

7.4.3 Is willing to carry out the engagement

7.4.4 that the appCruit™ staff is engaged as an appCruit™ employee

7.5 The client agrees to sign the separate engagement contract for the staffing services

7.5.1 The client shall always in respect of any engagement provide all appCruit™ staff with the proper introduction, instructions and on site training.

7.6 The client shall not, during the cause of any engagement direct appCruit™ staff to do other work than agreed on in the appCruit™ app or web app.

7.7 The client acknowledges and agrees that the appCruit™ staff may cancel any engagement at any time without any prior notice or without any liability on the part of appCruit™ .

7.8 The client shall inform appCruit™ for any changes to the terms of any assignments. appCruit™ may in its sole discretion approve or reject such request. Any requests for changes must be submitted no later than 24 hours prior to the relevant shift. Where requests to change is submitted with 24 hours prior the engagement appCruit™ may charge (on its sole discretion) a fee equal to 3 appCruit™ staff working hours, calculated in accordance with the hourly rate agreed under the terms of the engagement.

7.9 Cancellation of an engagement by the client is subject to a charge equal to the sum of 4 appCruit™ working hours, calculated in accordance with the hourly rate agreed under the terms of the engagement.

7.10 The client acknowledges that an appCruit™ staff may refuse to work past the contracted times agreed on under the terms of the engagement. If the appCruit™ staff agrees to work overtime, such overtime shall be reported in the appCruit™ app

7.11 appCruit™ assumes the responsibility for the payment of remuneration to appCruit™ staff and the deduction of tax, insurance and other fees applicable and required by law.

7.12 appCruit™ minimum charge is two working hours. appCruit™ recommends a minimum working time of 3 hours, however the consultant is able to accept shorter work periods.

7.13 The client shall in its sole discretion, determine whether it shall be present or not when the work shift is performed or completed. If the client choose not to be present, it shall appoint another person to oversee the performance of the appCruit™ staff.

7.14 The client shall not, unless specified in the assignment permit appCruit™ staff to handle or have access to cash or other valuables during the engagement. The client acknowledges that in all cases, the client shall have sole responsibility for any loss suffered as a result of the appCruit™ staff’s handling of cash.

7.15 The client shall not permit any appCruit™ staff to use a motor vehicle for any business purpose in connection with the engagement, unless the client has satisfied it self that the client has a adequate insurance.

7.16 You agree that appCruit™ may contact you to facilitate the performance of any of your engagements.

8. appCruit™ staff

8.1 As a part of the appCruit™ services we will use reasonable methods to confirm the appCruit™ staff identity as well as verify that the appCruit™ staff has the required skills, qualifications and experience to apply for assignments and undertake engamengents with the clients. appCruit™ shall not be liable or responsible to the extent it has been provided with misleading, incorrect or fraudulent information by an appCruit™ staff.

8.2 It is the client's responsibility to supervise the appCruit™ staff and to ensure that the appCruit™ staff provide the appCruit™ services in accordance with the clients reasonable instructions and satisfaction.

8.3 Should any appCruit™ staff services prove to be unsatisfactory, appCruit™ may at its sole discretion reduce or cancel the appCruit™ service fee charged for the time worked, provided that the appCruit™ staff leave their engagement immediately and that appCruit™ is notified by the client within the 48 hours of the appCruit™ staff leaving their engagement.

8.4 The client hereby acknowledges that appCruit™ staff are not permitted to enter any contract with the client on behalf of appCruit™.

8.5 appCruit™ the appCruit™ staff starts with no initial rating.

8.6 appCruit™rating system consists of 5 stars. Please contact appCruit™ if you have any questions and concerns about your rating on help@appcruit.com


1 Star - Unacceptable job performance

2 Stars - Inadequate job performance - I will not hire again, lacks experience

3 Stars - Adequate job performance - I will hire again

4 Stars - Good worker! - Good job performance, works with confidence

5 Stars - Great worker! - Experienced worker, great workmanship


1 Star - Unacceptable workplace and job situation

2 Stars - Inadequate workplace and unprofessional job situation

3 Stars - Adequate workplace - I will work here again

4 Stars - Good workplace! - I will work here again, I had a good experience

5 Stars - Great workplace ! - Great workplace - I would love to work here again!

9. Liability

9. appCruit™ liability is limited to negligence in the selection process for the Assignment.

9.1 The Client has the same liability for Leased Staff as for its own employees. The Client is therefore liable for defects and damages that Leased Staff may cause the Client or third parties within the framework of the Leased Staff’s assignment for the Client.

9.2 The Supplier is not liable under any circumstances for consequential damages such as, for example, lost profits, losses or other incidental damages, including the Client’s liability to pay damages to third parties or loss of information.

9.3 Liability for personal injuries is governed by Swedish law, appCruit staff is insured by FORA

9.4 The Client should acquire and maintain adequate insurance for its operations, including such insurance as covers Leased Staff and their work for the Client.

In this respect, Leased Staff are to be treated equally to the Client’s own employees.

The Supplier or its subcontractors, however, have employer liability for the Leased Staff, which entails among other things that the Supplier, or its subcontractor, is to pay salary, social security contributions, occupational injury insurance premiums and pensions.

Pursuant to subsection 9.1, the Supplier is not liable for damages:

9.4.1 to the Client’s motor vehicles or incidental damages resulting from such damages;

9.4.2 to goods transported by the Client’s own or leased motor vehicles;

9.4.3 covered by the Motor Traffic Damage Act or the equivalent, or corresponding foreign legislation;

9.4.4 occurring as a result of motor vehicle traffic when used in an enclosed competition area;

9.4.5 by aircraft nor for the liability attributable to an insured in its capacity as flight responsible;

9.4.6 as a consequence of a collision caused by a ship or any of its towed objects; or

9.4.7 that are defined by law as a medical/healthcare patient injury

9.5 In the event the Supplier is liable to pay damages, the Supplier’s liability is limited to a total amount of 25 price base amounts, however, at the most the price of the Assignment. In the event of an assignment at an hourly rate, the price of the Assignment will be the price for the past twelve (12) months of the Assignment. In the event the agreed price for the Assignment is less than one price base amount, the Supplier’s maximum liability is instead to be limited to an amount equal to one price base amount. By “price base amount” is meant the price base amount according to the Swedish Social Insurance Code (2010:110) in effect at the time the damages arose

9.6 The supplier is to acquire liability insurance in an insured amount corresponding to the amount of liability as stated in the above section 9. At the request of the Client, the Supplier is to submit documentation that such insurance has been acquired.

10. Agency Regulations, Conduct Regulations and Other applicable law

10.1 Clients hereby warrant that they do and shall, at all times comply with all applicable and relevant statutes, laws, regulations and codes of practice from time to time in force under applicable law.

10.1 Client shall and shall ensure that any subcontractor or other intermediary shall at all times comply with these terms and conditions as well as the staffing services framework agreement, general terms and conditions ABPU-10 that is published by the Competence agencies of Sweden. ABPU-10

11. Anti-Bribery & Modern slavery

11.1 appCruit™ is committed to applying the highest standards of ethical conduct and integrity in its business activities. We take a zero tolerance approach to bribery and corruption and are committed to acting professionally, fairly and with integrity in all business dealings and relationships wherever we operate.

11.2 appCruit™ has a zero tolerance approach to any form of modern slavery. Modern slavery encompasses slavery, servitude, human trafficking and any other kind of forced labour. appCruit™ is committed to act ethically and with integrity and transparency in all business dealing and actively putting effective systems in place to safeguard against any form of modern slavery.

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